Humidity indicator cards are specifically impregnated with a powerful solution of cobalt chloride that has been properly mixed to alter color from blue through several shades of pink and magenta. These kinds of cards are not mere precision indicators. Instead, they have the ability to tell you about the maximum amount of humidity that could be present inside a container. Their absorbing capacity too is very good and they can easily control the humidity level. Companies manufacturing and transporting products like computers, SLR cameras and video cameras use these cards to keep a check on the level of humidity so that the products remain safe during transit.

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Humidity indicator cards offer an external assessment of humidity levels present inside the packages and containers. These indicators meet several requirements that a business owner looks out for as far as evaluating the humidity level is concerned. They are highly instrumental in keeping the environment inside a package under control.

Reversible color change

A proper color change element certainly turns from blue to pink as soon as the level of humidity rises. This is a great characteristic permits these elements to be completely reused as long as they haven’t been exposed to a huge amount of humidity level.

Maximum humidity indicator

A proper color stain element warns when specific humidity levels have been completely exceeded. Maximum humidity indicator helps in keeping a check in the packages as to whether the product will remain fresh for a long period of time or not. Humidity indicators are usually incorporated into a suitable plug-type desiccators for pretty small enclosures.


  • They indicate humidity conditions in several kinds of barrier packaging.
  • They are usually utilized in conjunction with a suitable desiccant.
  • They permit a quick visual verification of a certain amount of product integrity.

Key applications

  • Electronic Components
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Computer Hardware
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronic Displays
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Medical Electronics
  • Aerospace and military Electronics

Humidity Indicator Tool

Depending upon the quality and usage, these humidity indicating cards should be used within the 24 months of their manufacturing. They come with an expiry date and it is important for a user to comply with the usage instructions for generating better results. Their recommended storage conditions should also be taken into consideration for a better user experience. These are some of the essential things that one must know about humidity indicating cards. These humidity cards can surely enhance the shelf life of a product by informing the user about the humidity level which is required for keeping the items secure.


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