Moisture absorbers are used around the world in different forms for the purpose of keeping products safe and secure. Water and oxygen can really cause a lot of problems for several products inside a packaging environment and therefore it becomes important to get rid of these elements. There are various desiccants such as silica gel, activated alumina and molecular sieves that are used in different industries for keeping the level of moisture under control while packaging food and pharmaceutical products.

industrial desiccants

In large industries like food packaging, it becomes much more important to keep a check on humidity level so that the shelf life of the food items can be improved. For making sure that the packaged food items reach the customers in good condition, you need to use some anti-moisture solution for industrial products such as desiccant packets. These drying agents will make sure that the entire packaging unit remains moisture free for a long period of time.

Using high end moisture absorber gels will allow you to get high end performance in large industrial units that utilize heavy machinery for the production of different items. The color changing silica gels also allow you to get an idea regarding what level of moisture is present inside a unit. Have a look at some of the popular kinds of industrial desiccants that can help you in keeping your products fresh.

  • Silica gel packets are used everywhere due to their inexpensive nature. They can be easily acquired and used as they are highly efficient when it comes to working in all kinds of environments. The transparent silica gel cheater company granules are small enough to be kept anywhere.

  • Indicating silica gel is another common type of desiccant which is used for the purpose of identifying the level of moisture inside a given packaging unit. Once the packet changes its color, you can easily get to know about the current level of moisture and humidity.

  • Molecular sieves are one of the most popular types of desiccants used worldwide. Even though these sieves are a little bit expensive they offer unmatched adsorption benefits as they have a number of tiny pores present on their body that can prove to be quite helpful when it comes to soaking up a great amount of moisture.

  • Activated carbon is another commonly used material for removing odor and moisture. It is used in large food and beverage industries.

Molecular sieves, silica gel and activated carbon can prove to be a great anti-moisture solution for industrial products. You just have to choose the right one according to your needs.


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