Moisture absorbers:

Moisture removers or moisture absorbers are considered to be extremely useful in residences and commercial sectors, particularly due to their tendency to inhibit the development of mildew or mold. Usually molds develop in residential areas such as kitchen, bathroom and basement Packaging Industrywhile in case of commercial industries it develops inside the wet packages such as food items, stationary phase, oil and gas, electronic, pharmaceutical and many more applications. Since, mold is a harmful thing which destroys the whole packaging items and hence creates health hazards due to its release of respiratory irritants, mycotoxins and allergens. A moisture absorber will assist you to get rid of mold problems by keeping your packaging products completely safe and protected.

Efficient packaging solutions:

A desiccant is a kind of material which is employed to remove moisture present in the air as well as it is hydroscopic substance which sustains or induces a dryness state in the tightly packed container. This specific material is used for specialized purposes whether it might be solid or liquid forms which render its function through adsorption or absorption of water particles. However, it is extensively utilized to neglect enormous humidity which would commonly destroy or even degrade specific products that are highly sensitive to dampness. Desiccant materials induce dryness in the environment and hence decrease the quantity of moisture found in air and hence safeguard packaging products from bacterial growth, mildew, humidity, moisture and bad smell. There are numerous kinds of desiccant materials found for commercial and pharmaceutical purpose. Among them, silica gel desiccants packages are widely preferred because it is porous, granular or vitreous form of silicon dioxide created synthetically from sodium silicate. These properties create silica gel as a tendency to hold extreme capacity moisture absorber.


Latest trends in packaging industry:

Recently, there are many latest trends occurred in desiccant materials like desiccant pillow pack, desiccant tablets, cargo dry pack, clay desiccant, molecular sieve packets, silica gel packets, orange silica gel packets, blue silica gel packets, container desiccant and many more new trends which extends the shelf life of the products. There are wide ranges of absorbents like indicating and non-indicating type in silica which can be extensively employed in various industries depending upon their adsorbent needs. These products are packed in composite paper material, non-woven bags and Tyvek paper (Non-Plastic bag) in various sizes according to the requirements of the customer. Apart from that, these materials are packed with FDA standard so that is permitting non-toxic, DMF free inside the food material and pharmaceutics. Silica gel unit pack as well as pillow pack is considered are mostly preferred moisture absorbing packets that are manufactured from high density polyethylene fibers that are employed to absorb gas, odor and moisture vapor.


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