Desiccant canister for tablet packaging
Desiccant canister for tablet packaging

Desiccant canisters available in the market are perfect for regulating the moisture level in several packaging units in the pharmaceutical industry. These canisters can be reused and reconditioned from time to time. They are really helpful in stabilizing humidity and moisture levels in small enclosed atmospheres. All kinds of medicines and drugs can get affected badly once exposed to moisture. Therefore, small canisters in the form of desiccants are used for keeping all such products dry for a significant period of time. A desiccant canister is a tiny cylindrical container that contains active agents which are meant to soak up moisture inside a given packaging environment.

These non-toxic, secure canisters can adsorb odor and moisture in industries like food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. They feature welded end caps and non-dusting design through which they are able to keep dust and dirt away from the unit. They are far more superior as compared to the traditional canisters because they are made up of high end ingredients which are hard to find.

Common Applications

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical diagnostic kits
  • Vitamins
  • Electronics

Advantages of Desiccant Canisters In The Pharmaceutical Industry

With improved practices and technology, it has now become possible to package pharmaceutical products in an efficient way so as to keep their shelf life intact. Some of the key reasons why a desiccant canister is widely used in the industry are discussed below.

  • Desiccant canisters in the pharmaceutical industry are virtually non-dusting and so they eliminate any kind of product contamination.
  • They remain sealed even when the pressure increases.
  • These canisters can survive irradiation for sterilization.
  • Their porous ends made up of plastic create a path that eliminates dusting.
  • They are specifically designed to ensure ease of use.

Prepared using HDPE FDA grade desiccant canisters are widely found and used because of the benefits they offer to the different industries. They’re tested under bad weather conditions to make sure that they keep the product safe even when it’s being transported to a different location.

Desiccant Capsules

canister capsules
canister capsules

Besides, desiccant canisters, a lot of companies also manufacture desiccant capsules which have also gained immense popularity due to their distinctive nature. Desiccant capsules and tablets are meant for automatic insertion at a very high speed. The ingredients used to prepare these capsules are FDA approved and so they do not harm food items or medicines even when they are in direct contact with these capsules. These capsules are quite similar to canisters however, they are available in a wide range of sizes and types.

Desiccant canisters of all kinds can help in controlling odor and moisture level inside a packaging unit. If used properly, these canisters can definitely help in improving the quality of packaging in the pharmaceutical cheater industry.


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