Desiccant Pillow Pak– An Introduction

Desiccant Pillow Pak, as the name suggests, is a type of desiccant mainly used to remove moisture and air molecules from packages. These desiccant pillow paks are available in different shapes, sizes and can be molded as per the customer requirement. Desiccant Pillow Paks are available in different categories like Silica Gel Pillow Pak and Carbon Pillow Pak to keep away moisture and bad odor away from packages containing important items. Desiccant Pillow Pak and packets are certainly one of the most effective ways of keeping moisture levels under control.

The usually available Desiccant Pillow Paks are filled with molecular sieve, indicating type and non-indicating type Silica Gel. Both these forms of Silica Gel Pillow Pak are highly useful in ensuring that moisture molecules are kept away. Silica Gel desiccant pak with clay and Activated Carbon as its components are also much in demand.

While deciding on which Desiccant Pillow Pak needs to be used, one must first look at the desiccant material that it comprises of. This means one has to take into consideration the different variety of desiccant material available like Silica Gel, Indicating Silica Gel, Clay, Molecular Sieve and Carbon.

Various Uses of Desiccant Pillow PaksDesiccant-Packets blog

Desiccant Pillow Pak has different uses across various industries. The main industries where desiccant Pillow Paks like Silica Gel Pillow Pak are pharmaceuticals, electronic goods, diagnostic kits, food, clothing, consumer products, vitamins among others. Across all these industries, Desiccant Pillow Paks work effectively to remove all traces of water vapour so that the latter can function smoothly. Desiccant Pillow Pak suppliers like Sorbead India always ensure that only the top-quality desiccant pillow paks are supplied to companies. More details about the varied uses of Desiccant Pillow Paks is explained below:

1) Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Kits: Dmf Free Silica Gel Packets are mainly used to keep pharmaceutical and diagnostic kits free from moisture. The presence of water vapour does not spell good news for pharmaceutical products and diagnostic kits. Moisture molecules will change the physical as well as chemical composition of pharmaceutical and diagnostic kits. Under such circumstances, it is highly recommended that one buy desiccant pillow pak to avoid the problems created by the presence of excess moisture.

2) Electronic goods: Electronic goods are in demand everywhere and thus need to be transported from place to place. When they are being transported, there are chances of these goods coming in contact with moisture and as a result, getting damaged. This is where the role of Desiccant Pillow Paks becomes important as it removes all the moisture from the surroundings and ensures that the electronic goods remain in a moisture-free environment.

3) Food Items: Food items are one category, which are greatly affected by moisture. When they come in contact with excess moisture, food products either turn stale or become inedible. So placing Desiccant Pillow Paks along side food products is a good idea as it helps keep the moisture levels in check.

Sorbead India is one of the top Desiccant Pillow Pak supplier in the country. If one is looking at desiccants for exports, then Sorbead India is the company you can trust.


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