Desiccant Pillow Pak and its Various Applications

Desiccant Pillow Pak– An Introduction

Desiccant Pillow Pak, as the name suggests, is a type of desiccant mainly used to remove moisture and air molecules from packages. These desiccant pillow paks are available in different shapes, sizes and can be molded as per the customer requirement. Desiccant Pillow Paks are available in different categories like Silica Gel Pillow Pak and Carbon Pillow Pak to keep away moisture and bad odor away from packages containing important items. Desiccant Pillow Pak and packets are certainly one of the most effective ways of keeping moisture levels under control.

The usually available Desiccant Pillow Paks are filled with molecular sieve, indicating type and non-indicating type Silica Gel. Both these forms of Silica Gel Pillow Pak are highly useful in ensuring that moisture molecules are kept away. Silica Gel desiccant pak with clay and Activated Carbon as its components are also much in demand.

While deciding on which Desiccant Pillow Pak needs to be used, one must first look at the desiccant material that it comprises of. This means one has to take into consideration the different variety of desiccant material available like Silica Gel, Indicating Silica Gel, Clay, Molecular Sieve and Carbon.

Various Uses of Desiccant Pillow PaksDesiccant-Packets blog

Desiccant Pillow Pak has different uses across various industries. The main industries where desiccant Pillow Paks like Silica Gel Pillow Pak are pharmaceuticals, electronic goods, diagnostic kits, food, clothing, consumer products, vitamins among others. Across all these industries, Desiccant Pillow Paks work effectively to remove all traces of water vapour so that the latter can function smoothly. Desiccant Pillow Pak suppliers like Sorbead India always ensure that only the top-quality desiccant pillow paks are supplied to companies. More details about the varied uses of Desiccant Pillow Paks is explained below:

1) Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Kits: Dmf Free Silica Gel Packets are mainly used to keep pharmaceutical and diagnostic kits free from moisture. The presence of water vapour does not spell good news for pharmaceutical products and diagnostic kits. Moisture molecules will change the physical as well as chemical composition of pharmaceutical and diagnostic kits. Under such circumstances, it is highly recommended that one buy desiccant pillow pak to avoid the problems created by the presence of excess moisture.

2) Electronic goods: Electronic goods are in demand everywhere and thus need to be transported from place to place. When they are being transported, there are chances of these goods coming in contact with moisture and as a result, getting damaged. This is where the role of Desiccant Pillow Paks becomes important as it removes all the moisture from the surroundings and ensures that the electronic goods remain in a moisture-free environment.

3) Food Items: Food items are one category, which are greatly affected by moisture. When they come in contact with excess moisture, food products either turn stale or become inedible. So placing Desiccant Pillow Paks along side food products is a good idea as it helps keep the moisture levels in check.

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Container Desiccants to counter “Container Rain” in Shipping Industry

What are Container Desiccants?

Desiccants, as we all know, are specially designed to remove all traces of moisture from packed spaces. They are very important for the storage and transportation industry as here, goods are packed and kept in closed spaces for days together. As they are kept in a closed environment for many days, there are chances that the packed products may be adversely affected by moisture. This can lead to heavy financial losses for the companies as the goods will be destroyed beyond repair/become unusable.

container index.jpg

Moisture degradation is a nagging problem for the shipping industry as here a large number of goods are packed and transported to different destinations around the world on a daily basis. Here, the collective term used for the presence of moisture is “Container Rain”, due to condensation. When the water vapour molecules in the container condenses, it is known as “Container Rain”. This rain will cause irreversible damage to the packed products and make them useless.

This is where the role of Container Desiccants becomes important. Container Desiccant, when placed along side the packed products absorbs all the moisture in the surrounding environment. This is an effective form of protection against “Container Rain.”

How Container Desiccants Work?

Container Desiccants are mainly designed to absorb all the moisture present in shipping and storage containers. The shipping containers usually transport a wide variety of things like semiconductors, electronic devices, food, equipment, machinery, military goods metal components and many other valuables across continents. This means that these goods are kept in containers, cartons or boxes for long periods of time and highly exposed to “Container Rain”, which can happen anytime.


When the Container Desiccants are placed along with the packed products, they begin functioning immediately. It will rapidly absorb moisture from the environment, thus bringing down the chances of “Container Rain”. The Container Desiccant Dry Packs work to bring down the dew point temperature, which is the temperature at which condensation starts. When the dew point temperature is under control, one can automatically control how much condensation takes place inside the containers. Many people refer to “Container Rain” as “container sweat” or “cargo sweat” as well. Whatever be the name, the ill-effects of Container Rain causes irreversible damage to the packed products. Container Desiccant protects shipping cargo not only from condensation, but from mold, mildew, rust and corrosion when the goods are being transported.

Advantages of using Container Desiccants

There are many advantages of using Container Desiccants. Some of them are mentioned    below:

   1)  Protects good against the “Container Rain” phenomenon.

   2)  Prevents against the growth of a wide variety of spoilage organisms like mold, mildew, rust and corrosion.

   3)  Absorbs up to 100% of its weight in humidity molecules

   4)  Can offer around 50 days or more of protection against excess moisture.

   5)  Prevents weak cartons and loose labels caused by moisture

   6)  Is highly environment friendly as it can be disposed off in a very normal manner.

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Various Applications of Desiccant Canisters

What are Desiccant Canisters?

The presence of moisture is a serious problem for companies storing/transporting products. If any traces of moisture are found in the packages/containers where the products are kept, it will damage the latter. Not only that, the entire physical as well as chemical structure of the product can get altered. It is in order to prevent such occurrences that companies heavily rely on desiccants, which are basically absorbents with a large surface area. Different desiccants are used for different purposes. Some of the most commonly used desiccants include Silica Gel, Activated Alumina, Activated Carbon. All these desiccants are packed in different containers like Canisters. Read on to know more Desiccant Canisters, their structure and their various functions.

desiccant-canistersIn the market, desiccant canister are available as small cylindrical containers, which can be filled with the desiccants/active agents. These agents are placed at high speeds into the pharmaceutical bottles and they will successfully remove all moisture present in the pharma packages. The desiccant canisters are designed in such a manner that they can easily be used in the standard insertion equipment. Another benefit of desiccant canisters is that they can easily be placed in the pharmaceutical packaging lines.

Different Types of Desiccant Canisters

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of desiccant canisters available in the market, depending on their usage. Some of the commonly used ones are Silica Gel, Clay, Molecular Sieve and Activated Food Grade Desiccant Canisters. All of them have their individual uses across different industries. Silica Gel, Clay and Molecular Sieve Desiccant Canisters are used in packaging of pharmaceutical products, leather and other goods. Food Grade Desiccant Canisters find use in the preservation and transportation of food and beverage items. Desiccant Canisters are also available in 2-in-1 and custom blends. These high-density polyethylene Desiccant Canisters are manufactured from high quality food grade plastic and ink. These Desiccant Canisters have also been given the Drug Master File status by the FDA.desiccant_canister_packaging

Applications of Desiccant Canisters

Desiccant Canisters are used to remove all traces of moisture from packages containing goods meant either for storage or transportation. Read on to know more about the different applications of Desiccant Canisters:-

  1. High-speed insertion: Desiccant Canisters are mainly used for automatic, high-speed insertion into pharmaceutical and nutraceutical bottles and packaging. As they can easily be inserted into pharmaceutical lines, they are able to remove all the moisture from the lines thus eliminating the possibility of humidity affecting the pharma and nutraceutical bottles.
  2. Reduce overhead costs: Desiccant Canisters are mainly used to bring down the overhead   costs of removing moisture from different packaging lines. As they are easily available in the market and do not have much preparation costs, Desiccant Canisters are the first and final choice across industries for the purpose of removing moisture molecules.
  3. Adheres to FDA Standards: Another very important benefit of using Desiccant Canisters is that it matches up to the FDA standards of contact maintained with food and drugs. This is something, which is of utmost importance as if the desiccant canisters cause changes to the packed food and drugs, it will create complications. This makes it the ideal desiccant for exports.

Desiccant Canister supplier in the country like Sorbead India make sure that companies benefit from these applications and thus ensure steady supply of Desiccant Canisters to companies.

Activated Carbon- Best material for Pure, Clear Water


Water Contamination- A grave issue

Water contamination is a serious problem people everywhere have to face on a daily life Contaminated water, if used for drinking or cooking purposes, can cause serious diseases lik afdae cholera, dysentery, typhoid and guinea worm disease. So it becomes highly important that all contaminants are thoroughly removed from thadfe water after continue to it becomes available for cooking and drinking purposes. Read more

Desiccant Canister – Why is it so Important in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Desiccant canister for tablet packaging
Desiccant canister for tablet packaging

Desiccant canisters available in the market are perfect for regulating the moisture level in several packaging units in the pharmaceutical industry. These canisters can be reused and reconditioned from time to time. They are really helpful in stabilizing humidity and moisture levels in small enclosed atmospheres. All kinds of medicines and drugs can get affected badly once exposed to moisture. Therefore, small canisters in the form of desiccants are used for keeping all such products dry for a significant period of time. A desiccant canister is a tiny cylindrical container that contains active agents which are meant to soak up moisture inside a given packaging environment.

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Required Type Of Desiccant To Protect The Major Product

desiccant packets and bagsThere are the major Types of Desiccant commonly used for packing the major product to make the product as stable and products should be stable. Here the pharmaceutical desiccant has many types such as desiccant Pillow Pak, Desiccant Unit Pak, desiccant unit tablets, Humidity indicating Cards, active vials, desiccant canister and much more. This type allows to keep the product as to its stability and its originality. Even it can use for the protect the major electronic products in an easy manner. Pharmaceutical consulting has become a vital part which each company, manufacturer will before he ventures into a brand new project.

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Desiccants Absorbers In The Packaging Industry

Moisture absorbers:

Moisture removers or moisture absorbers are considered to be extremely useful in residences and commercial sectors, particularly due to their tendency to inhibit the development of mildew or mold. Usually molds develop in residential areas such as kitchen, bathroom and basement Packaging Industrywhile in case of commercial industries it develops inside the wet packages such as food items, stationary phase, oil and gas, electronic, pharmaceutical and many more applications. Since, mold is a harmful thing which destroys the whole packaging items and hence creates health hazards due to its release of respiratory irritants, mycotoxins and allergens. A moisture absorber will assist you to get rid of mold problems by keeping your packaging products completely safe and protected.

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Anti-Moisture Solution for Industrial Products – Keep Your Products Safe and Secure

Moisture absorbers are used around the world in different forms for the purpose of keeping products safe and secure. Water and oxygen can really cause a lot of problems for several products inside a packaging environment and therefore it becomes important to get rid of these elements. There are various desiccants such as silica gel, activated alumina and molecular sieves that are used in different industries for keeping the level of moisture under control while packaging food and pharmaceutical products.

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What All You Need To Know About Humidity Indicating Cards?

Humidity indicator cards are specifically impregnated with a powerful solution of cobalt chloride that has been properly mixed to alter color from blue through several shades of pink and magenta. These kinds of cards are not mere precision indicators. Instead, they have the ability to tell you about the maximum amount of humidity that could be present inside a container. Their absorbing capacity too is very good and they can easily control the humidity level. Companies manufacturing and transporting products like computers, SLR cameras and video cameras use these cards to keep a check on the level of humidity so that the products remain safe during transit.

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